UK Ecommerce Breach Compromises 1.4 Million Customers’ Records

In July, a report was released, revealing that 1.4 million customers’ records had been exposed to hackers. Many brands were affected by the data breach at UK ecommerce IT service provider, including popular brands like Jaded London, AX Paris, Perfect Handbags, DLSB, Elle Belle Attire, Fashion Nexus and more.

According to the report, “The exposed information contains personal information of approximately 1.4 million users, including MD5-hashed passwords, password, salts, names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other data.”

The researcher Graham Cluley, an independent security analyst, shared that Fashion Nexus and its affiliate White Room Solutions stated that the hacker had accessed the server stealing details of online fashion stores’ customers. However, the company did not share how the hacker was able to succeed in the attempt.

After receiving this information, Cluley – who was first to break the news – shared it on his blog. His request for a possible …

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The Future Is Here Connected Workers Job Sites With IoT(1)

Ever since technology started to be a part of our lives, a lot of us got anxious that it might slowly replace us from our jobs. This holds true, especially in the construction industry. A lot of workers are worried that as technology entirely takes over, the need for manual labor would be eliminated.

Although this can be somewhat true, if you’ll think about it, humans would still play a vital role. Who would operate this highly advanced machinery if ever?

The IoT Platform: Clearly Illustrated

The beautiful thing about IoT technology is that it combines the real and virtual world together. Basically, they help companies manage IoT device security and connectivity– along with the gathered data, build and run IoT applications, connect devices to backend systems, and ensure overall operability.

Harnessing the IoT Data Explosion

Smart devices and wearables with IoT technology and sensors, such as safety vests

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Start your business from home and dress accordingly

Start your business from home and dress accordingly with outfits from Rue21.

Ever dreamed about having the flexibility of working from home? Imagine not having meetings, being  in a drama-free environment and on your pajamas all day..

You can start a business as a hobby and make it profitable. If you want to work from home the first thing you’ll need is speedy internet connection and that will take care of your phone and fax. You’ll need a working space that is free from distractions to get work done.

Start your business from home venture and consider a consignment store.

Why? People need clothes and second hand clothes save them money to spend on other things.

The good. As a consignment store owner you don’t pay anything on clothes until it sells.

How? You are essentially displaying and merchandising of  others well taken care of clothes online. When it …

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