UK Ecommerce Breach Compromises 1.4 Million Customers’ Records

In July, a report was released, revealing that 1.4 million customers’ records had been exposed to hackers. Many brands were affected by the data breach at UK ecommerce IT service provider, including popular brands like Jaded London, AX Paris, Perfect Handbags, DLSB, Elle Belle Attire, Fashion Nexus and more.

According to the report, “The exposed information contains personal information of approximately 1.4 million users, including MD5-hashed passwords, password, salts, names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other data.”

The researcher Graham Cluley, an independent security analyst, shared that Fashion Nexus and its affiliate White Room Solutions stated that the hacker had accessed the server stealing details of online fashion stores’ customers. However, the company did not share how the hacker was able to succeed in the attempt.

After receiving this information, Cluley – who was first to break the news – shared it on his blog. His request for a possible official statement from White Room Solutions on the matter was denied, however. They did confirm that they reached out to inform the affected brands about the breach and that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) was notified.

Protecting Your Small Business from a Data Breach

Unfortunately, data breaches are nothing new. Data is incredibly valuable and the risk of exposing it is large. So, how can you protect your ecommerce business when there are massive data breaches happening on a regular basis?

  • Data requirements. First, make sure you are aware of and understand the various laws and regulations that govern your business and how it handles data.
  • Risk Assessment. Assess any existing risk areas in your business and regularly monitor them.
  • Systems and software. Your systems and software are typically your first line of defence, so make sure that the correct software is in place to protect you against attack.
  • Staff training. Your systems and procedures are only as effective as the individuals carrying them out; make sure your employees stay updated with requirements, security and protection procedures.

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